Henry V. – William Shakespeare: Saint Crispins Day

Dominic Turnbull February 13, 2017 0
Henry V. – William Shakespeare: Saint Crispins Day

Whilst the troops may be running low on physical energy, endless amounts of spirit and relational energy can be tapped into — the reserves here are endless and Henry knew he had to inspire these resources.

Islands of Sanity don’t show up only physically; they can be visited through heart and spirit, but require leadership to facilitate people’s transition to them. Henry played this role effectively.

“This day shall gentle his condition”

Reframing. Paradigm shift. Transforming context. An Island of Sanity resets everything back to zero. Henry knew that the call to adventure and their participation in this battle would reframe everything for him and his army. The conditions that the soldiers were currently experiencing would change dramatically and he had to communicate this – eloquently.

“This story shall the good man teach his son”

Years ago, I sat on the edge of the Rio Grande river near Taos, New Mexico, and after a while, asked the river, “What can I do to fulfill my highest commitments in this life?” After some minutes, the river said, “Go teach what you love to your children.”

Whether the river really spoke or not is beyond knowing. I had never heard those words before and believed them. I began teaching my boys about Vincent van Gogh with passion and interest, and took them to England, Scotland and Ireland to share the richness of the people, the land and the foods that had changed my own life for the better.

I also began, as never before, to go all the way with little held back in my work and in my life. I stopped asking, “Is this all there is?”

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