Henry V. – William Shakespeare: Saint Crispins Day

Dominic Turnbull February 13, 2017 0
Henry V. – William Shakespeare: Saint Crispins Day

“From this day, to the ending of the world”

In the Netflix television series, Black List, anti-hero Raymond Reddington, said, “The future is a sucker’s bet.” No one seems to have seen the future except in the present. Consider that this very moment, sitting in a chair, looking at a computer screen, searching for meaning that makes a difference, is connected to all possible futures.

Imagine a thin red line between this moment and what is to come. More and more, I think that the present and the future are singularity…. (a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole).

If I have any Power to determine the future, which I often doubt, it rests in what I think, feel, want, and do right now. If I want a future, I’d better do it now.

“And gentlemen in England now abed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here
And think their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day”

So many times, I stay in bed, not wanting to face the day or my fears from the past or future. Recently, I’ve been avoiding the New York Times and television covering the inauguration and political appointments by Donald Trump. Going to the “Woman’s March” in Washington, DC was unthinkable. Then, at the end of that day, I got an e-mail from a friend describing her experience at the Women’s March in Washington. She linked her experience to my writing on the Overview Effect.

I thought of you Charlie, and what you call the Overview Effect. It’s one thing to be there in the middle of it … it’s a whole other thing to get the overview of how huge and amazing it is! It’s restoring my faith in just about everything, but mostly the possibility of values-driven relationships in business and society.

I’m inspired, find courage, and start again.

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