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Analysis, good ideas, explanations and the force of will are not enough to change a paradigm. Endless strategizing and theorizing do not lead to action that makes a desired difference. General Ulysses S. Grant said that, ”Great strategy always follows action.”

What action can come from “Island of Sanity” thinking? What’s now called for is activism, experiments, and Conscious Leadership for implementing paradigm-changing ideas, such as offered in this paper and by many others around the world. Anything less is like moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

Economics was originally defined in both Chinese and Korean as, “to take care of the world and save people.” Small and large groups of activists, disciples, and peaceful warriors devoted to this ideal can drive paradigm shifts and move companies, institutions and even governments substantially toward action based on energy expansion, and in service of the people and communities they impact.

In the past thirty years, the Star Wars movie series has helped create a cognitive shift in masses of people, without regard to background philosophies, ideologies, religions or cultures – a shift which appreciates a universal energy field reaching through all sentient life — The Force, that infuses and empowers those standing for justice and the good of all peoples, full of noble purpose, shared values and accomplishment. It decries the Dark Side of that energy field, which fights for domination, power, control, self-interest and greed.

This cognitive shift leaves us today with awareness of dissonance in everyday life, a dissonance that has people often feeling devalued and insignificant in deference to system interests, economic interests and political interests not grounded in commitments to their well-being and the wellness of the surrounding world.

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