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This awareness does not allow simply for complaint. It is proving to be a stimulus for broad discord, public dissent and political change.., from all sides of the energetic field. Those of us who aspire to be With the Force must find the courage and determination to bring espoused values to life in real world action that demonstrate their effectiveness, quality, benefit and mutuality for people of good will and the world in which we live.

Now is the time to create and require businesses, organizations, institutions and governments to represent these noble purposes and our highest values without compromise. We must stand in the way of those who fail to meet our needs, and demand that they hold themselves to a higher standard. Only such perseverance will save the Earth and all the peoples on it from becoming a 21st century Titanic, a failed experiment in the glorious potential of humanity.
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I was introduced to the possibility of “Islands of Sanity” by Avishay Braverman, former President of Ben Gurion University and former member of the Knesset in Israel.

Tony Turnbull, my colleague and friend was of immense and important help in making this paper more simple and clear.

Kathy Smith again showed her ability to turn almost anything I create into a work of art. I’m grateful beyond words. CES

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