Breaking the Fourth Wall: Toward a Sustained Presence in Space

Charles Smith December 9, 2011 0
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Toward a Sustained Presence in Space

By Hylan Lyon and Charles Smith

This paper is for senior leaders in business and government, and those who support them to make a meaningful difference. A framework is presented for developing policy and ‘blueprints’ for global challenges in the future of space. A needed paradigm shift is explored as an enterprise approach for managing global security and environment problems among government agencies, across borders, and between institutions. The authors emphasize the importance of seeking alignment before agreement, using ‘Honest Brokers’ to bridge interests in otherwise intractable problems, and identifying normally ‘missing’ conversations that reliably move projects forward.

The authors draw from distinctive backgrounds, one a member of the Science Advisor’s staff to three U.S. White Houses and the other with thirty-eight years in organizational change management. They use a theatre metaphor to demonstrate how ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ that separates actors and audience is relevant to a sustained and desirable presence in space. The logic and associated tools for ‘Sustainable Transformation’ are presented, and the ‘Policy Overview Effect’ is introduced as a way to impact and integrate change leaders’ points of view and willingness to collaborate. The methods proposed assimilate policy with Breakthrough Project Training and Execution, to assure that action goes well beyond good intentions and business as usual.

Hylan B Lyon Jr., Ph.D.

Hylan Lyon worked in the Science Advisors Office of the US Government as Deputy Director of Science, Technology & Industry under the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations. He also served as President and COO of Polytronics, and as a Board Member of many major semi-conductor corporations (including Texas Instruments). Dr. Lyon reached the rank of Commander in the US Navy, served in two operational tours in Anti-Submarine Warfare, and was a recipient of an Office of Naval Research
Science Fellowship.

Copyright © Hylan Lyon Jr. and Charles Smith, PhD.

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