Coaching From Mars

Charles Smith March 9, 2012 0
Coaching From Mars

I am a visiting coach from Mars and have been observing the American 2012 Elections.  What I’m seeing is as much about the culture of the country as it is about the curious parade of politicians and the peanut galleries they command.

What’s been widespread so far is…

People pay unusual attention to what they already know and already can do

Business success is more important than noble purpose

Nature is widely dishonored

Women are mostly subordinated to men in public arenas

Children are not taught to think for themselves

God is widely accepted as the source of moral behavior

Money trumps doing the right thing

Hierarchy suppresses the possibility of ethical anarchy

Legality trumps mediation

Being right is more important than aliveness


This is curious because on Mars things are so different. ….people (I use the word “people” loosely because we are a bit different) inspire each other to what they are capable of beyond what they can already do . . .

Noble purpose and business (pragmatic) success are practiced with equal Conviction

Honor for nature is part of every business and personal value proposition.

Women have as much power as men.

Children are taught to think for themselves

Ethical anarchy prevails whatever the source

Doing the right thing beats mercenary interests.

Mediation replaces law except as a last resort

Everyone feels responsible for their own aliveness as a way  to improve the World


We started this a long time ago with our collective “dream of Mars” and worked our way backwards.

I’m eager to go home.

Charles E. Smith Ph.D

Kairos Productions Inc.

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