The Problem with Coaching for Money

Charles Smith May 8, 2014 0
The Problem with Coaching for Money

Joy and suffering in coaching seem to come one after one another forever unless one insists on joy first most of the time, I’ve never worked it out but am getting closer. The part I can’t make peace with, and it’s an old story in my life, is that I meet some client and we do great work together and I fall in love with them and when they are done with me, it’s over.

It sounds now like a saddened prostitute story. The insight may be that relationships, maybe most relationships, are transactional and doomed to end. It’s sad because without the feeling of family or community or tribe, it ends up feeling empty except for the money, fame or learning which doesn’t linger.

If beauty, truth, and the good are the same, how this intersects with money and pragmatics is lost on me. Some transcendent contexts like freedom or love might do but this flies in the face of the fact that most people ultimately kill what they don’t like.

Tomorrow may be another day.

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