Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism

Charles Smith April 16, 2013 0
Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism

The future of humanity depends on our choice between Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism.

The working definition of Collective Intelligence is groups of individuals doing things collectively that seem intelligent.  Thomas W. Malone, Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Economic Fascism is a system of governance, whether political or corporate, in which money is always more important than people.  It is led by authorities with complete power forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, and regimenting economic infrastructures and resources.  Charles E. Smith, Director, The Merlin Institute

In the past few years, I’ve worked and traveled in the United States, France, China, and elsewhere.  The United States is Capitalist.  France is Socialist.  China is Communist.  Each country has a prevailing myth – its own kind of God, determining how the people ultimately see things.  I observed that the God of Capitalism is Money, the God of Socialism is Equality, and the God of Communism is the State.

I could see that ordinary people in any one of these countries were not particularly happier than people in any of the others.  While nationally they all have economic, social, and political problems, all lay claim to the special virtues of their own way.   Most people don’t love their jobs, and their personal, familial and intimate relationships are equally as happy or dysfunctional as everywhere else.  Money is a problem for all but a few. 

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