Encouraging Emerging Sage Leadership

Gary Quehl October 22, 2014 0
Encouraging Emerging Sage Leadership

By Gary Quehl and William Bergquist

It is easy in our society to go to work and provide for your family and see this as your highest calling. To me it is a myopic view, and I wasn’t raised that way. It is hard to make the decision to live outside of oneself and serve something higher and greater, but when that happens joy arises from serving others. Emerging Sage Leader

There are undoubtedly many young and old members of the community who are not civically engaged in Grass Valley or Nevada City. This begs the question of how these unengaged persons who possess sage leadership qualities can be identified and motivated. The emerging and senior sage leaders offer valuable suggestions—and cautionary notes as well.

A number of emerging sage leaders believe that civic engagement is not for everyone, that it makes little sense to formulate a strategy to promote it for larger numbers of community members if they aren’t already inclined to it. However, most emerging sages say that specific steps can be taken to make civic engagement more attractive for community members who are potential sage leaders. They offer three main strategies, the first being the need for cultivation. A second is to be persistent in asking for involvement, and the third is to initially engage candidates in small, easy-to-do activities before proceeding to larger endeavors that match their increased interest and passion.

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