Safari So Good! Reflections of Tanzania (Lessons from the Serengeti)

Patrick Williams July 13, 2015 2
Safari So Good! Reflections of Tanzania (Lessons from the Serengeti)

I recently returned from an 18-day personal odyssey with nine men into the deep bush of Tanzania. This journey was both an opportunity to be “unplugged” from my normal routine of work and personal life, as well as a learning experience about two tribal societies who represent ancient ways of living with the earth. Our tour was called Back to the Rhythm: Claiming Your Place at the Fire, and was led by Richard Leider (author, coach, and speaker) with assistance in Africa from David (Daudi) Peterson of Dorobo Tours. They have both worked together for the past two decades to take men and women on Inventures: a safari experience that is beyond the ordinary, where they encourage purposeful reflection on the changes and experiences within the inner being of each person on the journey.

When I was called to go on this trip, I knew it would be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Serengeti and Ngora-ngora crater national park are unbelievably beautiful and full of the most magnificent animals and breathtaking scenery on the planet. You are walking on earth where many people believe life began, a place that has remained relatively unspoiled for millions of years. We actually saw where the Leekey’s discovered the fossils of the very early hominids and changed the course of human understanding about the age of our species! It was awe-inspiring.

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Patrick williams

Just so you know..this INVENTURE was in 2007!

miry Kornhauser

What a beautiful article!
It takes a special men to even decide to go on a trip like that and be able to enjoy it and get into you
I am also against hunting but am not a vegetarian. And since I see human beings as animals, it makes sense that we ate animals. But no animal wears another animal as a decoration…