In Pursuit Of An Island Life

John Caswell February 13, 2017 0
In Pursuit Of An Island Life

A ‘Drive Through’ Mentality

We have developed a disgraceful tolerance for inequity. An acceptance of poverty and hunger?—?the trafficking and slavery of children in pursuit of low cost goods that we don’t need. Sending children to fight wars. The outrageous politics designed to benefit the few. The deceit of the many. “One Hell of a list…”

Asleep At The Wheel

There’s a majority who are upset at the ignominy, but it has woken more of us up. Although the action we’ve taken is wrong the change has to be welcomed. The shock waves are sending a tsunami across many islands. Many will disappear without trace. But change has most definitely happened.

“We are desensitised to how bad things are. We’ve accepted lower standards in life perhaps because we pursue conformity. In the United Kingdom we had sent all our sovereignty to another country in Europe. In the United States, unless you lived on the east or west coasts you were a forgotten race…”

Why is there such blind obedience to the low common denominators of denial, ignorance, abdication of accountability?

Remembering What Matters

You can ruin your life by desensitizing yourself. We become distant from what’s real and what matters. In the face of stupidity we don’t say too much. We appear afraid to think deeply, to care about what’s really going on around us. Not caring is synonymous with ignorance.

We have to get back to what matters.

One of the biggest attractions of that island was the space to think. A perfect climate?—?abundance for the soul, but practical acceptance that we have to fend for ourselves.

There will be no fast food or internet. We would have to work at it.

A Mixed Reality Island

We are coming to terms with a new worldview. The outlook is mixed and we need to get used to it.

A short detour?—?Mixed Reality* it is a relatively new term. It holds real merit for the construction of our island. It’s certainly a useful metaphor for how to rewire our brains. It’s already a powerful definition for our technological future.

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