I Am Not A Speed Bump!

Charles Smith April 22, 2015 0
I Am Not A Speed Bump!

•Everyone sometimes lies to themselves about who they really are.
•When people don’t lie to themselves about who they really are, life flows.
•When people do lie to themselves about themselves, life bumps along.
•Lying to yourself about who you really are is a speed bump.

A speed bump is intentionally put on a road to make cars slow down and be less dangerous to children, dogs and other cars. Speed bumps also seem to exist in places where you never see people, dogs, or even many cars.  Speed bumps are not a problem if you are driving three or 4 miles an hour. Anything over that produces an intrusive shock.  Samples of what people report experiencing as speed bumps:
•This society where money is more important than people is a speed bump
•Fundamentalists — left-wing, right-wing, religious, political, corporate, racial, are speed bumps
•Incessant advertising is a speed bump
•Most situation comedies and reality TV shows are speed bumps
•Money-driven people on the make are speed bumps
•Widespread wage slavery is a speed bump
•Interest-based banking is a speed bump
•The cruelty of most elites is a speed bump
•Role-based employment is a speed bump
•Consciousness numbing media is a speed bump
•Petty bureaucrats are speed bumps
•Control freaks are speed bumps
•True Believers who kill off what they don’t like are speed bumps
•Having to make money to prove I’m worthwhile is a speed bump
•Lying to myself about who I really am for money is a speed bump

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