The Future of Coaching: Status, Direction, Strategies and Tools

William Bergquist November 6, 2013 2
The Future of Coaching: Status, Direction, Strategies and Tools

William Bergquist and William Carrier

The Future of Coaching  is concerned with the very heart and soul of professional coaching—it addresses the challenge of coaching’s future status, direction and long-term goals. It also offers the strategies and tools needed for this challenging future. Much as individual professional coaches assist their clients in focusing on their own individual future and the future of organizations with which they are affiliated and often lead, so it is important that the field of coaching itself address this fundamental coaching question: what will the future be for this human service field?

Issue Eleven: The Coaching Tool Chest

In this issue, we create a Coaching tool chest—a perennially open issue of coaching tools, approaches, perspectives, questions, etc.  We are publishing the things you as coaches want to share with your peers.  You might consider it a digital conversation of show-and-tell to contribute to people who, like you, are craftspeople of the soul.  When you sit down for coffee or a meal with your coaching friends, what do you share about how you do your work?

Issue Ten: Personal and Organizational Coaching: Is There a Bridge?

Is the bridge the same for personal and organizational coaching, or does it come in several different forms? Is the design different for those doing personal and life work with their clients, from those working with executives and others working in an organizational setting? Even more importantly, we ask:  is there a bridge that crosses between personal and organizational coaching—or are these two different worlds, between which there is a chasm that is not easily crossed?

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Peer Resources

Great idea and wonderful content. Did I miss the schedule of how often this new magazine will be published?

William Bergquist

We are delighted that you approve of this new digital magazine and expect to have a new issue published four times per year.