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Marketing for Coaches
Paradigm shift: a buzz phrase worthy of exploring. What is it? How do we create it for ourselves as a coach and/or as an entrepreneur?

A paradigm shift isn’t just a change- Change is the end result of a paradigm shift. An authentic paradigm shift is about TRANSFORMATION.

newparadigm.rao.062615Change results in using different means to the same end. Transformation results from shifting into different attitudes and mindsets. Change rarely leads to transformation, but transformation always leads to tangible change.

Look at it this way. The form of our thinking already exists: hence, information. Growing means we need to actually change the form itself, hence, transformation.

A paradigm shift starts with examining the way we think and what we believe. And so it is with marketing. We think that a paradigm shift in marketing would mean DOING more or better things like using updated technology, smart phones, web strategies, blogging, and social media.

But transformation, which is more about how we are BEING, happens in the mind and heart. How do we foster that?

Jack Mezirow, the ‘father’ of Transformative Learning said that learning occurs when we rethink our frame of reference, challenge our assumptions and beliefs, and decide to make a conscious plan for redefining our world–“becoming critically aware of one’s own tacit assumptions and expectations and those of others and assessing their relevance for making an interpretation.”

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