Prospect Call Tracking Worksheet

Suzi Pomerantz August 16, 2011 0
Prospect Call Tracking Worksheet

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Use this chart to analyze your statistics regarding your prospect call success ratios. This will allow you to to determine how well you are working your business development system, at least in the prospecting phase. ©Suzi Pomerantz. All rights reserved. Excerpted from Seal the Deal.

Keeping Track

Research shows that you need to make 10 calls to get through to 5-6 prospects to set up 1 appointment. One in 10 appointments leads to a sale. Given these facts, analyze your own statistics. How many calls do you need to make each week?

Every sales cycle is different. In order to best understand your own sales cycles, you need to keep track of how many calls yield how many qualified appointments (see the Call Analysis Worksheet for an example of how to figure this).

Worksheet: Prospect Call Analysis

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