Twitter Was NEVER a Social Networking Site: Proof!

Shama Kabani August 29, 2011 0
Twitter Was NEVER a Social Networking Site: Proof!

Ha! I love it when I am right. *Happy Dance!*

For years, I have been explaining that Twitter was never in the social networking business. It was in the human search engine business. It isn’t Twitter vs. Facebook. It was – and will be – Twitter vs. Google. Do I also smell an IPO in 2010?
Good buddy and reputation management expert, Andy Beal, picked up something very clever in Biz Stone’s OpEd piece. Biz Stone is one of the founders of Twitter, and I had the pleasure of sharing the speaking stage with him this past year.  Very down to earth guy, but, I digress.

Here is what Andy found…

“It can be these things but primarily Twitter serves as a real-time information network powered by people around the world discovering what’s happening and sharing the news…In the new year, Twitter will begin supporting a billion search queries a day. We will be delivering several billion tweets per hour to users around the world…”

A BILLION searches. Google currently handles around 400,000 million searches a day. Twitter will BEAT that.

The coming decade will redefine not just the role of media – but media ITSELF.
The King is Dead. All Hail the People.

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