Development of Coaches: IV. Does Age Make A Difference?

William Bergquist September 15, 2016 1
Development of Coaches: IV. Does Age Make A Difference?

Question: Since you began formally working as a coach . . .

  Under 60 Years of Age 60 Years of Age or Older T-Test P Level
How much have you changed overall as a coach? Mean=4.07



Variance =0.98

0.43 >.05
How much do you regard this as progress or improvement? Mean=4.33



Variance =0.81

0.49 >.05
How much do you regard this as a decline or impairment? Mean=0.13



Variance =0.27

0.10 >.05
How much have you succeeded in overcoming any past limitations in your coaching skills and knowledge? Mean=3.94



Variance =0.96

0.57 >.05
How much have you realized your potential as a coach? Mean=3.85



Variance =1.46

0.46 >.05


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Rey Carr
There are a number of important points made in this article. And not just the ones that I’m quoted as saying. As a clarification about the value of surveys, I wasn’t picking on SurveyMonkey specifically, but on survey methods in general. This fifth report is another example of the limits of most Internet surveys where the responses of the respondents cannot be used to make valid generalizations about coaching. There is no data collected here that yields confidence in either the reliability of the survey or allow us to make credible claims about the survey findings. We can speculate, guess,… Read more »