Measuring ROI in Executive Coaching

Jack and Patti Phillips July 23, 2015 0
Measuring ROI in Executive Coaching

This notable article was first published in the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations. We thank John Lazar, the publisher of IJCO, for his generous permission to republish this classic in the field.

Phillips and Phillips were (and still are) pioneers in the field of ROI analysis. This is among the first essays to provide a detailed map regarding the formulation of Return-on-Investment calculations for those working in the field of executive coaching. Phillips and Phillips have recently published an even fuller treatment of their approach to ROI as applied to professional coaching in their book, Measuring the Success of Coaching, which we have reviewed in one of our recurrent Book Shelf articles in this issue of The Future of Coaching.

The original IJCO article is available as a download by clicking on the download button located below. Because of the extensive use of graphics, tables and flow charts in this article, it can not be presented adequately inside the library; thus, it is only available as a downloadable document.

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