Book Shelf: and the next question is . . .

William Bergquist June 28, 2017 0
Book Shelf: and the next question is . . .

Reviewed by William Bergquist

My wife, Kathleen O’Donnell, is a very active and successful coach – so I pay attention when she notes the value of a particular tool (or set of tools). One set of tools that she recommends is to be found in a book filled with provocative questions. Written by Rachel Alexander and Julia Russell, “and the next question is . . .” contains more than 200 pages of questions that are numbered and sorted into particular categories (such as “obstacles to achievement” and “prioritizing”). Alexander and Russell are experienced British coaches with impressive credentials. They are also quite generous in offering us their experience and expertise through crafting this compendium of questions.


Rachel Alexander and Julia Russell (2012) and the next question is . . . London: MX Publishing. [available on Amazon]

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