Impeccable Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Steve Dorfman January 11, 2012 0
Impeccable Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Think of impeccability as an expression of the highest levels of propriety. To achieve it, determine a non-negotiable standard for what you consider to be respectable behavior, adhere to it, and commit to never compromise that standard. Yes, no one is perfect and you may falter from time to time. Occasional slip-ups are OK, provided you have an impeccable recovery process in place. However, the first step on the road to impeccability is to determine what it means for your business, and to craft a set of goals that will help you achieve it.

In the attached chapter, we’ll talk about ways to attain – and maintain – impeccability. I’ll help you uncover the hidden details in the way you present your company to the world and show you how to deliver an impeccable experience for others. Clients will know they can count on your firm; you will invoke their trust and markedly rise above the status quo.

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