23 Ways to Move From Being a Victim to Being in Charge

Charles Smith September 16, 2013 0
23 Ways to Move From Being a Victim to Being in Charge

1. Tell the truth about your experience

2. Ask forbidden questions

3. Make forbidden statements

4. Make what you are afraid of the goal

5. Take advice from an expert or a coach

6. Write down all of your intentions and goals

7. Bless everyone involved

8. Forgive the difficult people

9. Set and commit to one or more specific breakthroughs

10. Reframe\change the decisive context

11. Identify where you are not being 100 percent responsible for what happened and take this responsibility

12. Go for a walk with a friend

13. Sit by a river and after a while, ask the river what you should do with your life…then listen…

14 Sit alone and breathe, meditate

15.    Commit to someone else’s success

16.    Take an important problem and co-invent solutions with others in a dialogue

17.    List the costs and the payoffs to you of the way you are being about the situation

18.    Write a letter to the person(s) involved saying everything that is and has been true for you

19.    List and admit all of the ways you are being a victim

20.    Make unreasonable requests 

21.    Get in touch with what you are really committed to

22.    Surrender to a higher power and ask for help 

23.    Communicate in an uncharacteristic way

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