Issue Three: Collective Intelligence

Charles Smith April 17, 2013 1
Issue Three: Collective Intelligence

“Collective Intelligence” is the theme of this third issue of Transformation Magazine: A Road Map

Collective intelligence has existed at least as long as humans have, because families, armies, countries, and companies have all–at least sometimes–acted collectively in ways that seem intelligent. But in the last decade or so a new kind of collective intelligence has emerged: groups of people and computers, connected by the Internet, collectively doing intelligent things. For example, Google technology harvests knowledge generated by millions of people creating and linking web pages and then uses this knowledge to answer queries in ways that often seem amazingly intelligent. Or in Wikipedia, thousands of people around the world have collectively created a very large and high quality intellectual product with almost no centralized control, and almost all as volunteers! M.I.T 2012 Conference on Collective Intelligence.

Magazine.Smith.Feature ImageHomo Sapiens (or Us) seem to have outlived Neanderthals because of our higher ability to cooperate in more complex circumstances, and be somewhat less rigid in our existing beliefs. Possibly our Human Being beliefs were more like guidelines than Neanderthal strict principles and rules. Looking at today’s personalities, politics, bureaucracy, and relationship dysfunction, I suspect, but have not yet proven, that lingering Neanderthal DNA has now put us, in more complex circumstances, on our own road to non collaborative extinction.

The articles in this issue of Transformation are about collective intelligence:

Frank White and Charles Smith: Bringing the Overview Effect Down to Earth

Tom Atlee: Lies and Our Odd Relationship with Truth

Renee Freedman: Collective Intelligence/Proposed Categorization of Approach

Fiona Renzi-Fantin: The Reality of Collective Intelligence

George Levy: 朋友, Where’s My Car?

George Robinson: Space Migration and Saving the Human Species/Collective Intelligence or Business as Usual?

William Bergquist: Collective Intelligence/Collaboration or Collusion?

Charles Smith: Collective Intelligence and Economic Fascism

John Bush: Collective Intelligence and Human Culture

Dominik Heil: Understanding and Leading Organizations: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Investigation

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Dave Fechtman


Another great issue! Thanks for sharing your insight and experience.