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You Don’t Bring Just Your Head to Work

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⦁ Do your feelings have you or do you have them? In what ways do your emotions shape how you think and act?
⦁ What do you do, how are you, in that space between emotion and action?

⦁ Practice a 3 minute body scan a few times a day to identify what shows up physically for you.
⦁ What does your body tell you about what you are feeling, needing, wanting?

⦁ Become a student of how others carry themselves throughout the day.
⦁ What is nonverbally communicated through how others walk, sit, and carry themselves? What does that suggest to you about how you might shift the way you carry yourself?

⦁ Build some type of contemplative or quieting practice into your day to day routine to allow opportunity to reflect and re-center around your intention. Kevin Cashman’s The Pause Principle is a quick read and good about how to do this. Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs, in their book Leadership Agility suggest a relationship between leader success and the presence of a regular contemplative practice built into the day to day.

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