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Honoring Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom with Lifetime Achievement Award

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Written comments submitted ahead by Jeannine’s admirers:

  • Hi, Like to add my congratulations to Dr. Jeannie Sandstrom and her well-deserved lifetime achievement award.I met her more than 25 years ago through coaching and throughout that time have watched, learned and listened as she gave coaching legs.You’ve come a long way baby;)!Kudos!mike jay
  • Unfortunately, I cannot attend the award recognition ceremony for Jeannine Sandstrom on Oct 26 because of a client engagement. However, I would like to say that Jeannine was my coach over 20 years ago and had a significant impact on my coaching and my life. I’m only one of the many lives she has impacted and believe this is a very fitting award to bestow on her. There are MANY funny stories I could share over the years but I love her too much to embarrass her today. Instead, I would like to make sure that everyone understands how to spell her name correctly by teaching you to spell it the way she taught me — her name is spelled Jean-9 (“nine”). I hear that in my head EVERY.TIME I type her name. 😊  Congratulations to my dear friend!All the best, Jane  Creswell, MCC
  • How does a linguist turned banker become an executive coach in two years? I studied, practiced, reframed and reinvented myself at Jeannine (and Lee Smith’s) knee. She has remained my inspiring, affectionate, cheerful and wise role model in so many regards. Who else can guide you about a tricky CEO coaching dilemma, and follow it up with a hearty laugh in her best singing voice?
    Your friend for life, Agi Agnes Mura, MA MCC
  • To whom it May Concern,
    I would like to offer a statement in honor of Jeannine Sandstrom and the
    Lifetime Achievement Award from Library of Professional Coaching she is receiving on October 26.
    As her current pastor, I have witnessed Jeannine’s faith lived out through her personal and professional life.  She is deeply committed to the well being and wholeness of all with whom she works.  She listens so well to the needs of those she serves with a Christian heart of compassion and caring.  As she engages deeply, her insights into individual intentions are profound.  She can see systems at work within an individual and offer a hard word to hear with an assurance of grace.  Her perspective working with so many professionals with so much experience provides hope for a way forward as she sees and believes the best in her clients.  I believe this is one of the many ways her faith shines through.  For she sees the holy possibility in people and offers a sacred space in which to share.  Her clients can speak honestly with her because they know she will be honest with them and offer a way forward believing in their best selves.  Her wholehearted commitment to improving the lives of her clients offers a self sacrificial love in the time and commitment of others.  I am so thankful for the message of hope and health Jeannine has been in my life personally and how she has offered the same for other staff in our church.  Her witness allows people to realize that their professional lives are a path in which their faith and discipleship is lived daily.  Thank you Jeannine for your faithful witness in so many peoples lives! Alexandra Robinson
  • Comments for Jeannine Sandstrom’s award ceremony.When I think of Jeannine, I think of two words: Brilliant and Fun. Every conversation is full of laughs and new insights. Thank you, Jeannine, for being a great mentor for me and partnering on great work at CHRISTUS. Your legacy lives on here. Cheers to you! Lisa Reynolds, Ph D, SPHR
  • Jeannine and I met many years ago through a Netweavers Forum and I felt an instant connection to her.  As our relationship developed she became a trusted advisor and friend.  Jeannine has a way about her that makes you instantly trust her.  Her thoughtful feedback, humor and open heart have endeared her not only to me but many, many others.  I eventually asked Jeannine to serve on the Advisory Board of our company as I found her insights to be extremely valuable along with her way of helping you consider and reflect on the options of any scenario.  I consider Jeannine a true friend and know she is truly deserving of this award and am so happy to see her recognized for her abilities and talents and her leadership in this profession. Tanis Cornell
  • Dr. J has been a tireless and humble role model for gracefully coaching to the edge, which Shirley Anderson defined as “telling the truth with love”. Madeleine Homan Blanchard
  • “I’ve enjoyed knowing this brilliant lady for over 25 years.
    She designed and built her own mentoring business, volunteered often, and combined all that with a full life – husband and home, many travels, countless friends. Plus, she did it all with elegance and grace.  What a wonderful role model she is for young, dedicated people everywhere.It’s beyond gratifying to see her receive such well deserved recognition in her field.I’m very proud to be one of her friends.  Mary Bradley
  • 12 years ago, I set out to find the best coaching education process in the industry and ended up training at the Coach University. Upon graduation my organization realized it was not practical to involve leader managers in the lengthy Coach U training process, so we looked for the best short coaching clinic and was led to the Coach Clinic again at Coach U.  After training for several years in the Coach Clinic we found we needed a Leadership model that would seamlessly integrate into a coaching culture and found the Legacy Leadership® Model and was trained in it.  When we sought these training’s, we researched them separately but landed upon each independently.  What was amazing, at the end of the journey we realized that each of these training’s emanated from the same team – The Coachworks International® LLC Company of which Jeannine is the principal.  I have had the tremendous privilege to walk with and train under Dr. J and have benefited tremendously.  She has truly been a mentor to me both directly and indirectly through her gracious modeling the true characteristics of a Legacy Leader®.  I wish to add my congratulations in this celebration to express my sincere gratitude for the investments she has made in my life and those I now have the privilege to train.  Dr. J you rock.Gary Charles
    Dr. Gary C. Patterson, M. Div., Th. M., D. D., PCC
  • When I looked around for who would be an amazing coach to get me started on my new career, Jeannine was my first choice. I was nervous asking, but she was so welcoming- it was an amazing way to begin my new life.  Over the years you have been a mentor, friend and inspiration.  So much love to you at this milestone in your life.
    Carollyne Conlinn, MBA, MPH, MCC
  • The contribution that Jeannine Sandstrom has made to the coaching profession is significant. And it doesn’t stop there. The contribution Jeannine has made to leadership and it’s connection to coaching is well documented and significant. Her legacy will live on and on in the bodies of knowledge for both coaching and leadership. Thousands of coaches and organizational leaders have benefited from the concepts, models and principles Jeannine so thoughtfully researched and created. All that, plus she is a lovely, humble and caring human being anyone would be proud to call a colleague and friend. I certainly do. Congratulations Jeannine, Cheryl Smith MCC
  • I planned to be at the celebration tomorrow of Jeannine Sandstrom’s Lifetime Achievement….but jury duty called. However, please add into the mix, this note of congratulations for a life well lived.Jeannine has been a role model for coaches, especially for us Master Coaches. Jeannine was creating the conversations before we knew we needed a conversation. This is certainly because she is an outstanding coach. Her coaching skill shows even in casual conversation. In addition she is an outstanding thought leader: blazing the trail years ago with her Legacy Leadership products . She was way out front with tools for both coaches and leaders. So her achievements truly have been over a lifetime. But the very best part about Jeannine is how you feel in her warm presence. Jeannine radiates positivity. She is encouraging as well as challenging. She is a compassionate uplifting presence no matter what situation we are discussing. Jeannine is just a very cool person, and I feel t has been a gift to know her and to love her.Congratulations my Friend ! And looking forward to whatever you decide to do next !Big Hugs, Val Williams, MCC
  • This is a short video for Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom’s online awards party scheduled for this Wednesday at 10 am. I am her first cousin Robert H. Driskill and I think the material contained will be very interesting to Jeannine and her colleagues. I hope you can show it during her party.

  • Jeannine is a very special lady. She may look elegantly polished, buttoned up, perfectly coiffed, in her signature fabulous jackets, but beneath that cultivated, poised, and proper exterior lies an adventurous, world-traveling, rule-breaker.A self-defined rebel, who doesn’t like to color within the lines. She’s a brilliant colleague and dear friend, and has contributed so very much to the coaching community.I know this because 30 years ago when I entered the field, Jeannine was already running things! Her company, Coachworks, was the first formal coaching company website ever established. She wrote Legacy Leadership, and she developed the Coaching Clinic which became Corporate Coach U, the first global public coach training program for professional leadership coaches. She and her partner Dr. Lee Smith organized the first couple of Executive Coaching Summits, which for a while were held every year for 10 years immediately before the ICF conferences. That’s where I first met Jeannine in person. It was 1999 and she was running the ECS for the second time.Jeannine came to the very first ICCO symposium we held. And we got to see each other several times a year all over the country at ECS, ICCO, CAM, ICF conferences, and we even got to work together a few times coaching executives at Linkage and coaching TED Fellows through SupporTED.  Some of us formed the SPS – a traveling mastermind group.So I have had the pleasure of knowing, learning from, and laughing with this wild woman for decades now. She’s always willing to be a thought partner on some new coaching entity we’re plotting, and she always says yes to any sort of interesting travel, and most of all I appreciate Jeannine’s penchant for mischief.If you know the Harry Potter books you’ll remember the Marauder’s Map. After using this magical map, to hide it, the wizards must tap it and say, “mischief managed”. I can’t think of a better way to sum up Jeannine. Mischief Managed! Suzi Pomerantz, MCC
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  1. Anne Miller

    November 9, 2022 at 12:13 am

    “I have known Jeannine since we had the coaching meeting in Santa Fe many years ago. She and I connected right away on deep seated concerns we both shared. Since then we have kept up a regular dialogue. I want to add that I appreciate her intelligence, her humility, how she opens herself for connection and shows resourcefulness in life and work. If I read her bio, I can talk myself into being intimidated but then when I am with Jeannine, I feel like she creates the space for me to be my best self. And I love that she is an adventurer in life and when she meets any setback, she turns it into what is possible.”


  2. Michael and Gale Lewis

    November 14, 2022 at 3:45 pm

    I have known Jeannine (whom I lovingly call Neanie) for my entire life. She met my family while attending Texas A&M, and my father worked for the same university. She’d often come by our home whenever we had extra goulash – although that didn’t happen as often as we probably would have liked. As I’m told, none of us had more than two nickels to rub together at that time. Still, she and Art have been family since I was born, and most people don’t know she’s even my Godmother! She is by far and away the kindest person I know and has always supported my entire family and me. I will never forget that she provided the invocation and both my son’s Eagle Scout ceremony and my retirement ceremony. Let’s say she will be there during the most critical times.
    My favorite story: my mother still lives in a little town in Arkansas called Rudy. Actually, she lives more than five miles outside Rudy, deep in the Ozark Mountains. Neanie would often love her visits to Arkansas because she could truly “unplug” from the world. That was possible because my mother – to this day – still doesn’t have cell reception at her house and only recently got wifi! You often find Neanie pulling weeds from a garden or piddling in the yard. It was, and still is, a way for her to unplug from the digital world. Congratulations, Neanie, you deserve this award and many more. We love you and are genuinely proud. Art and my Dad are smiling.


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