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Leadership and Stewardship: Nurturing the Field of Executive Coaching

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Structure-Based Stewardship

We begin with an essay that describes the stewardship-based initiative that we mounted in April of 2022. This is the New Executive Coaching Summit (NECS). The structural properties of this initiative are described in the following essay:

The Intentional Design of Stewardshiup: A Case Study

We offer a second essay entitled “In Search of Stewardship” that was published in 2013. Written by Jerry Campagna, it concerns what is required of a shared governance model that engages and leverages capable teams “to steward the mission and shift strategies based on the changing economic and technological environments”. Here is a link to this essay:

In Search of Stewardship

Process-Based Stewardship

We return to NECS and a narrative related to a breakdown of technology at this summit meeting and the exhibit in real time of agile and committed leadership—keys to sustained and effective stewardship. This essay relates to learning associated with the technological breakdown and leadership-based breakthrough.  Here is a link to this essay:

Learning about Leadership: Surprise, Agility and Collaboration 

A second essay related to process-base stewardship was prepared by Gary Quehl as one in a series of LPC essays emerging from Quehl’s Sage Leadership Project. He finds his senior sage leaders musing during their interviews “about the ways they are most helpful at the strategic level of their favored organizations. They are interested in, and believe they have the greatest skill when addressing, the “big picture.” They are able to sit back and link global perspectives to specific concerns of persons with whom they are working. “ Here is a link to this essay:

How Senior Sage Leaders Lead

Attitude/Culture-Based Stewardship

Stewardship is ultimately founded on a desire to do good FOR the world (not just be good IN the world). An essay was published recently in LPC that focuses on the greater good engaged by two professional coaches. The concept of Generativity is introduced in this essay authored by one of us [WB]. We believe that generativity is a key ingredient in motivating the engagement in any sustained stewardship initiative. Here is link to this essay.

Generativity and the Greater Good

In his 2011 LPC essay on “Integral Coaching as Servant Leadership” Lloyd Raines suggest that “we may do well to study anew the basic connections between things: What depends upon what? Who depends upon whom? Many indigenous people have understood the connections between the individual, community, nature, and cosmos in ways our culture and institutions have forgotten.” Here is a link to this essay:

Integral Coaching as Servant Leadership

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