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The Case for Maturity

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My client gave this some thought. “If success were not about being right, I would have no idea whether things were working or not. Perhaps I would need to find other ways to assess whether we were on the mark. I guess I would need to consider whether we were effective. Maybe being right is not as important as being effective, and to be effective, I would need to do a better job of finding out if we were effective at different places along the line, which sounds kind of like what you were saying, you know, about making the path right.”

“If your success were less about being right and more about being effective, what would change for you?” I asked. “I would feel less central to the success, it would not be about me. And that would be ok, not easy, but ok.”  “What would not be easy about it?” I asked. “My whole identity, since I was a kid, was about being the one with the answers. This asks me to… to… to..” “See yourself in a different way?” I interjected. “Yep. I am not sure how I see myself now, but just thinking about it this way, I feel lighter, less burdened, and freed up to consider the possibilities I could not see before. Maybe also to ask for help more and get others involved so it is not all about me. So what do I need to do to get this maturity thing right?” she asked with a smirk.

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