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Edie Seashore: On Coaching

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Dorothy:  Maybe that’s a very good ending point just for now. Edie,  you are suggesting a “coaching  universal” within organizations. We coach the individual and then we can coach the group, but the group, from an OD perspective, has always been seen as the mechanism of organizations, right?

Edie:  It’s the fractal, yeah.  It’s the fractal of an organization.  Most things get done in groups.

Dorothy:  Most things get done in group, and yet coaching can very often start with the leader and then go to the group that acts as the fractal power of the organization.

Edie:  Yeah, yeah.

Dorothy:  So, Edie, the dance between coaching and OD is becoming more obvious.


Dorothy:  What you’re saying is that bridging coaching to OD values actually serves to evolve coaching.

Edie:  Yeah, I think so, too.

Dorothy:  So, you should have a smile on your face.

Edie:  Yes, because I think a lot of people are recognizing that coaching needs these values in order to be effective.

Dorothy:  Maybe we should trust the process inherent in learning.  If we trust the process and the values are good, then we’re going to end up saying- wait a second here, we have these common set of values that support the learning and change experience. Isn’t it interesting that Peter Block, a noted voice in the world of organizational consultation,  was an ODN and ICF conference keynoter for 2009.

Edie:  Yeah.  I know it.

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