Career and Self Esteem

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How can we actually learn the ways of cultivating and ultimately developing our self-esteem?

1. The main principle is having faith in ourselves and in our ability to remain true to our original goal.

2. Set goals, which reflect only yourself. Not your parents, your partner or your child. They should reflect YOU!

3. Consider the possibility that there are areas in your life you haven’t discovered yet and that can lead to new options. You may find that you have hidden talents from which you can draw satisfaction.

4. Do what you want, enjoy what you do and the fact that that you can actually do it!

5. Look for activities that encourage you to realize your potential.

6. Motivate yourself by setting clear goals.

7. Take time to develop yourself and do the best you can with whatever you tackle.

8. Learn to postpone an immediate gratification in order to achieve a long term result.

9. Do not put off important things. Do not wait until the last minute in order to take action.

10. Focus on your goal and avoid possible distractions.

11. Educate yourself on the few things that are vital to your goal. In other words, find the essence of what you can contribute and how this connects in achieving your goals.

12. Visualize the desired results.

13. Reward yourself!

The more we apply the above mentioned tips the end result will gradually seem more realistic and as a consequence the feeling of success encourages the feeling of our self-worth, since the conquest of a professional goal – whether it may be obtaining a university degree or a job change or getting a promotion – activates our self – esteem.

A question that comes up at this point is how healthy is it though to connect our self-esteem with our career status?

This is the “trap” we get stuck, if we let our self esteem be directed by our professional achievements. To put it simply: “I am a successful professional, so I feel important …”

So how can we protect our self-esteem regardless of our life circumstances?

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  1. Anthony Gkinopoulos

    May 7, 2014 at 4:32 am

    Excellent ….. and inspiring. Thank you Avra


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