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Entertainment and appreciation of the arts.

We live not by bread alone. I love the best of TV, film, most forms of music, opera, symphony, theater, sports, literature, magazines, restaurants, galleries, parks, architecture, civic happenings, fashion, merchandising, marketing, communication mastery, museums, photography, art, collecting, observing, listening, analyzing, and enjoying what others create.

This is not selfish indulgence, it is my curation of the vast treasures given to us by Mozart, Leonard Cohen, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Moses, Stanley Kubrick, Tom Stoppard, Issey Miyake, Steve Jobs, Daniel Boulud – a cultural fabric of appreciation and taste. It is what gives my life texture, depth, and acquired meaning. It provides replenish-able joy, and it is accessible to us all.

Travel and cultural discovery.

Travel is an acquired art, and logistic skill. It may not be for everyone. For me travel is the footstones I tread as I cross through the stream of life. Travel awakens my senses, it reshapes and brings into sharp contrast what I take for granted, what I am blind to in commonplace surroundings.

When I travel for work I interact with people from diverse backgrounds, introducing tools and approaches to build something worthwhile, in currency of their concerns. I see universal challenges and solutions and appreciate the uniqueness of cultures behind superficial clichés.

Personal travel is not a luxury for me, it is a necessary commitment. I get to pretend to be Italian, German, Japanese, or a resident of Santa Fe. I assimilate new surroundings, even for a few days or a week, and walk at their pace, reside in their sensibilities, their world. It is meaningful fantasy and it enriches my spirit.

Comfort, intimacy and restoration

At the end of day, the fulfillment of work, the conclusion of the journey, I want to return to what I have built in my life that comforts and restores me. It is about intimate connections that warm the soul – simply watching a Netflix movie with my wife, and holding hands. It is where I return to nourish my spirit and my body.

Peaceful and plentiful sleep is my cornerstone for regeneration and immunity to many threats to vitality, Sleep is where I invent tomorrow and underwrite my stamina to fulfill that future.

All of these practices are located and replenished in my conscious expressions of gratitude.

I am grateful for my islands of sanity – discovered, nurtured, and protected with my life. They are offered as guideposts to create yours.

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