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Five Steps to Breaking Free

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So many of us are lacking what we desire because we caudle a deep-seeded fear that somehow we don’t deserve it. Each one of us as a divine emanation deserves to have whatever we want! Be sure you are clear in what you want, and then be willing to do whatever it is you need to do to have it. And as always, do no harm to others in the process.

5.  Breathe, be consistent, and realize it take time.

Impatience killed many a dream, right before it unfolded. Don’t allow fear and doubt to hijack your process. And do NOT look to the physical world to support you. Your inner world, your internal guidance system, will tell you exactly where you need to go. Be sure to take care of your instrument (eat healthy foods, drink clean water and get good sleep), maintain minimal exposure to anything in excess, and breathe. You are your own pilot, and where the ship goes is entirely up to you.


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