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The Coaching Tool Box:12 Steps to Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare

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  1. Lack of performance control. What happens if my anesthesiologist (or surgeon, or internist) doesn’t know what he’s doing? How can I know whether he is competent? And, can I change doctors if I have doubts?
  2. Major consequences if things go wrong.What if I am left with a serious disability, or terrible pain, as a result of an intervention (or lack of the correct intervention)? What if I should die?
  3. A black box service where the deliverer has the advantage.I don’t understand what is happening to me. My doctor only talks “medicalese,” and can’t seem to explain the results of the tests or the types of treatment options.
  4. Long duration across a series of events.What if I don’t get better quickly? Or ever? Illnesses like cancer, heart disease, COPD, stroke can be life-altering. Will I ever be the same again?
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