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Case Study: Engineering

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The implementation of the governance and ethics policy combined with the external third party advice led to the swift removal of the errant Divisional manager under the individual’s own volition

By reviewing and challenging the existing ethics and governance and accounting policies, the parent company is now in a more robust position to handle future irregularities should they reoccur

The remaining Divisional staff, while not rewarded or compensated, have been ‘protected’ through anonymity internally and externally through assistance and leadership from the International senior management team. All were given new roles, functions and responsibilities to refocus the business and repair the damage done

After the Divisional team conducted an exhaustive and fundamental six month review and reappraisal of all Divisional business processes and procedures, tied back into corporate values and International parent company policies – aligning the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ operational aspects of the business – the team delivered end year results including double figure increases in turnover and profitability

A number of ‘sense checks’ during the following year (2017) established that the Divisional staff were in robust control of all business areas. At the time of writing this case study, (February 2018), they have again delivered significant increases in turnover and profitability making them the main profit centre for the worldwide company




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