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A Better Way to Do Business

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Now, this may seem like a team building exercise carried out by countless others.  It was not.  This training in values, practice and application had such a profound effect on me and my team mates that our very language changed; we stood for each other every moment of every day.  We ceased to be colleagues and became close friends, in an exceptionally short space of time.  If help was needed, there was always, always, someone on hand to get past the problem.  Whilst working in an office which was known to be an energy vampire, our little group was fast getting a reputation as a vibrant, fun place to be around.  In a short space of time, other members of other teams were positioning themselves within the building to be nearer our team.  It was inspiring.

The team then began to look across the business, to ascertain other areas in which it could have a positive effect.  Intervention was a buzz word, and nothing was allowed to get by the team that they felt didn’t meet the expected standards.  This in particular amazed me, as the employees within the business (myself included) had been somewhat apathetic about areas of the business that didn’t appear to have a direct impact on their own roles.

By the end of the six months, we succeeded in our quest.  The team had built a reputation of winning, a ‘can do, will do’ team.  This was remarkable, especially since the initial mood was skepticism and doubt from the rest of the business.  I witnessed individuals noticeably grow in stature and confidence.  We had become far more purposeful, focused and effective, and along the way, achieved in revenue what the others said was impossible.”

Einstein said that the problems we have created cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them. Context is decisive and people always end up  in the context they start with. Corporations need a new context of values that has money and values be of equal importance. There is power that comes from integrating opposites. It’s time for corporations to claim this power.

I am now putting the act of embracing values unequivocally up front as part of the full, necessary buy-in to get the results leaders want. Leaders are not evil. They just do not see the whole picture and most are controlled by their own decisive systems. Most corporate leaders either do not see this reality, or are so pressed by circumstances that they do not pay attention to the underlying levers and dials of their own success.  As with any leadership approach, there are many ways to get to the same goal.  Here, the objective is to assure that attention is paid, and action taken, whenever any of these six critical values are lacking, slowing progress and diminishing individual and group energy.

I am now explicit in telling leaders that they will get what they want by committing to an enduring, value based process that requires financial, relational and spiritual values. I honestly believe, and have evidence for the assertion, that there is more wealth and quality of life available for everyone when power and position are replaced by a value based, versus interest based strategy and orientation. It says in the Talmud that a person’s life works if they continuously integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. That’s what this energy logic is based on. It’s a paradigm shift that works on a macro level.

Energy or vitality is the same as the power to act.  I found that consistently, energy is power, energy comes from these values, and corporations with the most available energy succeed.  Good ideas and the force of Will are not enough. This value driven “energetic” system is decisive, because it shapes and gives freedom to deal with material and political necessities.  So, I’ll now promise people the results they want if they promise to become leaders for both money and the cultural values we introduce.

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