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A Better Way to Do Business

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The truth lives in peoples’ experience.  Attitude and behavior is naturally correlated with their own immediate experience.  This experience is a value driven, energetic reality.  It consists of awareness of genuine or false relationships, being in the boat together, being focused on the future or stuck in the past, having a chance for conflicts and differences to get worked out, or living with the impossibility of resolution.  And, it depends on whether transformation and new possibility is a serious aspiration.  Peoples’ experience is the decisive system.
I think that the underlying problem is that institutions treat people like things and systems make machines out of people. The theoretical breakthrough is to make humanity the context and have a physical and financial world that works. My approach is to create double binds, the resolution of which takes us to a new level of relationship, generosity, and quality of life for more people.

Our corporate leaders are not evil. Most are good hearted, creative men and women. Many are just deluded because they do not see the whole picture. I want to put them in a double bind in which they get what they want from a value based process. And, in the doing of it, their values can be transformed so as to see the possibility of a different world, and more equitable distribution is stimulated. The only option I see is a negative for most of humanity.

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