Explainers Anonymous

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6. Speak from the heart:  Explanations come from your head, not your heart. Your head is too often concerned with looking good, justifying itself, avoiding domination and being right.  Your heart will usually take you to the experienced truth of the matter and build a constructive bridge across which good works and profitable enterprise can march.

7. Pay attention to your confusion, not your explanations: When I pay attention to my confusion, I always get new ideas, new possibilities and new relationships. When I pay attention to my explanations, not much new ever happens.  The explanations become the limits of my horizon.

8. Make a courageous inventory of everyone you have hurt with your explanations: Such a long list it will be and getting longer every day; and all the while the others are busy with their own lists. But the truth about this will help set you free.

9. Be conscious of your own and others explanations: You will soon begin to see that explanations are almost all you can find.  Start noticing where there is not an explanation but something else. Does it have more power? Why did John Kennedy’s asking the nation,“ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” have such power and resonance? Maybe the answer is that he just meant what he said and left out or minimized the explanation. Explaining something is not the same as standing for something, meaning it.  Somebody said that Ghandi could speak credibly for hours without notes because what he thought, felt and said was always the same.

10. Make direct amends to such people wherever possible except where it would injure them or others: Apologize, Forgive yourself and others. Tell them the truth about what you have seen.  Put the past in the past and create the opportunity for a future.

11: Tell the truth about your experience: When in doubt, simply share your feelings and experience of a situation. This will protect you and others from your opinions and judgments.

12: Carry this message to others and practice these principles: Having experienced the benefit of a life with less explanation, carry the message to others. Remember, that the addiction is universal and a lot of people like it. It’s like chocolate. Some of the most financially successful people and companies in the world make their money by explaining to others. You will not be receive graciously all the time. This is missionary work.

And as I said, there are no meetings.


Copyright 2000 © Charles Smith, PhD.

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