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In Search of Islands of Sanity

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8. Transmit Conversational Energy
Organizations with the most connectivity will prevail. Conversational Energy creates connectivity; it’s alive. Conversations that Matter get people’s attention. More than dead words, they are magnetic. The vibrational aliveness is what connects people instantly. The vibrational aliveness connects me to a wondrous sunset or my son’s enthusiasm.

Conversational Energy does not require words. It cannot come from a PowerPoint without the vitality of images, music and heartfelt speaking. Conversational Energy is nonlinear and not simply subjects, objects and verbs. Conversational Energy has intention and flow. It doesn’t merely transmit information; it gives context, meaning, and mutuality.

9. Practice Disvergence
Disvergence is awareness of your freedom to move from ‘pedal to the metal’ Convergence (i.e. linear thinking, focused, on purpose, clear action), to Divergence (Quantum Mind, paying attention to opposites, confusions, uncertainties).

Disvergence is knowing when you are stuck in ‘flow’ and non-linear possibility thinking, and that you may have gone too far and it’s time to converge and focus, AND vice versa. The practice is to be able to move from linear thinking to quantum thinking at will.

10. Listen From the Heart
The practice is to speak and listen from your heart, and for others to listen. The result is almost always an evocative physical presence that provokes and enables an energetic transformation, first within each speaker and then somehow, within the listeners.  The energetics of the relationships, and the relational identity of all, moves from “me to we.”

Vibrational energy literally shifts; willingness to cooperate expands, as does a sense of open possibility.  The impact moves beyond the mental, to the level of ‘heart and gut’, as the sense/ sensation within the room moves from the experience of “me as an individual” to the experience of “the potentials of us”, as a couple or a team, which holds an opportunity to bring forth what has never existed before.


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