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In Search of Islands of Sanity

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Consider that whatever the structure, whether government or corporate, fixing the system doesn’t reliably help relationships that are broken down. What helps is “a matter of the mental and moral qualities distinctive to a leader.”


Susan and I just got back from the Women’s March in Washington. We were right in the middle of it all day and couldn’t move. We had the sense that we were in a crowd that was way over the 200,000 expected and coming home found out that it was half a million women and men and kids and everybody! It’s so great to get home and find out that it’s been a global event.

It’s one thing to be there in the middle of it. It’s a whole other thing to get the overview of how huge and amazing it is! It’s restoring my faith in just about everything, but mostly the possibility of values-driven relationships in business and society.

The long-term goal is an economic system based on Human Mutuality. Existing and historical economic systems have always ended up in oligarchy, injustice, inequity, excessive regulation, and the treatment of human beings primarily as consumers, producers, or objects to be used. Free market entrepreneurship is most desirable and legitimate, inside a context of Mutuality.


Our modern educational systems fail to provide sufficient education about compassion. The time has come to transform this whole system. Society is formed through its educational system, but the educational system does not transmit the deeper human values of compassion and kindness. Then all of society lives with this false view that leads to a superficial life, in which we live like machines that don’t need affection.

We become part of that. We become like machines. That is because today’s society is based on money. A society that is based on money is aggressive, and those with power can bully and behave cruelly to others. This situation produces growing social unrest. A society that depends on money has problems that reflect its beliefs.” The Dalai Lama

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