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In Search of Islands of Sanity

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Einstein’s E = MC2 (which mathematically defines the relationship between energy, mass and the speed of light), as such a metaphor can give a perspective into how the rapid connectivity of masses of like-minded people towards a particular aspect of society or organization can release enormous energy for changing or even transforming the current state of affairs, or society’s relationship with a specific commonly accepted practice.

Just as E=MC2 brought a revolutionary shift to physics, we need a shift of similar power with respect to economic systems that favor elites and few others. Some see E=MC2 as, “a metaphor for creating Islands of Sanity in the way economics, individuals and leaders in business, government and community operate and manage conflict in today’s world. “

If Einstein’s E=MC2 represents a sophisticated product of collective endeavor over time …, why should its potential as a pattern of connectivity not be otherwise explored?  If E=MC2 is to be considered a fundamental pattern of great generality, is there then not a case for exploring the extent to which it implies a pattern of even greater generality? A new way of operating in economics and business could come about, with the same predictability and impact that follows Einstein’s formula.


If, in an economic, business, or any relational system, energy expansion is to be considered a new bottom line, following the E=MC2 metaphor, the available Energy in the system would equal Mass (the number of people involved), times “Human Mutuality” (the equivalent of the speed of light squared).

(In the moment of contact, this experience of mutuality happens instantly, much as Richard Bach said in Jonathan Livingston Seagull; “Perfect Speed is Being There.”)

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