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In Search of Islands of Sanity

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The questions are, “What is Conscious Leadership?” and, “How can Conscious Leadership enable Human Mutuality and high performance without threat, personal, or hierarchical force?”


1. Only Action Causes Results: “To the Barricades”
Barricades are defensive barriers hastily constructed, as in a street, to stop an oncoming enemy. Imagine massive, continuing demonstrations for Human Mutuality, for the Divine Truth that people and life itself are more important than money.

2. Declare that Relationality, the way people are connected, the way they are ‘being’ with themselves and each other, is both sacred and the best foundation of sustainable accomplishment. Relationality, relationship itself, is the non-linear Quantum Space that needs to become the essence of Evolutionary Activism. Nelson Mandela, when he became President of South Africa, insisted that racist enemies who had imprisoned him for 27 years be part of a collaborative dialogue. Anything less is simply moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

3. Establish Measurable High-Performance and Transcendent Noble Purpose as dual leadership practices for work and governance. Many people with noble purpose seem too soft and flaky. Many with pragmatic and measured purpose seem crass and lacking nobility. Conscious Leadership accepts and integrates the paradox of noble and transcendent purpose with the highest performance standards.

4. Practice Overview Consciousness
Overview Consciousness appreciates that the whole of a situation is greater than the sum of its parts. Upon breaking free of Earth’s gravity and going to space, some astronauts experienced a surprising change in their perspective of life on Earth, named The Overview Effect by author Frank White. Just as the astronauts achieved escape velocity and saw the Earth anew, it is possible for many here on Earth to break free of the gravity of circumstances that keep them from going for their dreams with courage and conviction.

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