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In Search of Islands of Sanity

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5. Be Aware of Relational Identity
Relational Identity is the identity of “Us”, the consciousness of “Us”, and an element of Conscious Leadership more powerful than “me and you” or “me or you”. When people feel certainty that, “We are in this together,” a positive future becomes more possible.

In 1941, Alfred Korzybski wrote of the necessity for us to change our language from the subject-object framework introduced about 350 BC by Aristotle, which enables and limits what we are able to think and do, even today. He proposes a new ‘General Semantic’ which is non-Aristotelian and is Relationship based. Korzybski’s chart (Appendix I) compares Aristotelian subject-object language with non-Aristotelian Relational language. It’s up to us to take his definitions and invent practical usage.

6. The Merlin Factor\Present Future Singularity
The Merlin Factor is the practice of imagining the future, locating one’s mind in that future, and planning backwards to the present moment. It asks us to start thinking from the future and building bridges back from that. Consider that the Present and the Future are a Singularity; at any moment, there is only one thing going on — the ‘Present-Future.’  This proposes that the best predictor of a company’s future, a team’s future, a person’s future, is how they are being, what they are doing, and what they are avoiding, right now.

7. Maintain Energetic Awareness
Energy Flows Where the Attention goes.
* Can you see that you or a group’s energy level predicts success far more than good ideas?
* Do you pay attention to peoples’ energy level or to the content subject at hand?
* Does referring to mental concepts rather than your sensory experience keep you stuck?
* Is there high/ low energy and vitality in the person or the group?
* When you look at your own energy, is your ‘gas tank’ full, almost full, or half-empty?
* What would raise energy in you or with others?

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