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Space Migration, Species Survival, and Global Responsibility

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Further, the SPST article takes the position that current U.S. leadership “has not provided adequately for a compelling long-term objective with a workable, affordable roadmap – one that is needed to enlist the support of the American people.”  Relying on this observation, even though the support of the United States and its scientific leadership in many space-related disciplines remains substantial, the objective must be one of leading toward a global and, ultimately, a trans-global undertaking if we are to create a reasonable expectation of species-kind survival by virtue of the biological dictate of space migration and permanent off-Earth habitation as the most compelling steps toward that survival.

Perhaps an even more subtending factor of space migration is enhancement of the ability of humankind to continue the odyssey of its “essence” and the relative “essences” of its organic predecessors, (i.e., the progressive seeking of the “what” and “why” of Creation and its Creator.., the subject of recorded history).

While transitioning from effective short- and long-term international collaboration is essential, that transition also must lay the foundation for a truly global, and then off-Earth trans-global, entity to facilitate the next step; one not constrained by parochial interests and unrelated, debilitating effects of uninformed transitional intergovernmental “politics” and outdated geopolitical delimitations established by constantly changing personally parochial political interests.

If the private sector will be responsible for solidifying and expanding governmental research and development of humankind space migration and settlement, either independently or in reasonable collaboration with an alliance of participating governments, the next step would embrace the structuring of an effective global entity that incorporates and perpetuates the migratory and off-Earth settlement efforts for survival of the human species and its descendants beyond the experimental International Space Station.

Policy-makers and lawyers relying on outdated domestic laws and space-related international treaties do so in large part for the purpose of political interest posturing, and the perpetuation of certain societal representatives of the species.  This is particularly clear in the context of drastically imploding national and regional economies, shifting defense alliances, and distracting imposition of policies representing what interest groups believe “ought to be” without identifying and dealing first with “what is”.  If these characteristics continue unaltered, they will contribute to a fairly certain loss of the next step in the survival and evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens and its trans-human/post-human descendants.

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