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Space Migration, Species Survival, and Global Responsibility

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In the context of focusing upon and developing a creatively effective facilitation and enhancement of a space migration “escape velocity”,  the instant author believes that directed capitalism and the free market place, with minimal governmental regulation and involvement in policy formulation, must be explored and pursued as the integral component of managing and directing that escape velocity.  Social responsibility of capitalism either exists as an effective.., perhaps the most effective.., tool for this purpose, or it does not.  If there is proper and significant merit to the role of capitalism and private enterprise, then the ensuing emphasis on a global program directed at humankind space migration should be premised on a strong private sector policy-making capacity and the “exploitation” of access to near and deep space, with a reasonable minimizing impact of commercial regulation imposed by governments.  More than ever, it is not that humankind now has access to space for migratory and habitation purposes, but rather how that migration and habitation is implemented.[4]

Beyond the next step of globalizing the efforts to facilitate the velocity with which humankind migration and permanent habitation of near and deep space takes place, the most effective approach may well embrace the formulation of a new pseudo-nation in cyberspace; somewhat like the concept leading to off-shore corporations, both for constructive as well as occasionally parochial purposes.  What may be most critical at present, however, is the impelling need to attract disciplined and innovative management concepts and methodologies necessary for a globally operating infrastructure that ultimately may lead to a joint private enterprise/ governmental trans-global entrepreneurial entity with quasi-sovereign authority, and perhaps offering a new form of investor citizenship.  This approach, although but one suggested for ensuring timely space migration without the impediments of various geopolitical constraints, related and unrelated, would recognize and take advantage of the obstacles and opportunities created by existing cyberspace “nations”  operated by cyberpersona.[5]

Some of the fundamental questions that must be posed and the answers assessed very carefully when focusing on cyberspace, cyberpersona, and applicable evolving cyberlaw, include those driving factors for off-Earth migration of humankind and/or, just as importantly, the “essence” of humankind and its trans-human and post-human descendants.   Although “negative” technologies are potentially shortening the time rather dramatically whereby off-earth alternative ecosystems may be available for humankind migration, adjustment, and survival, humans even now relinquish a significant portion of their individual and collective life support decisions to advancing technology and highly advanced, and advancing, artificial intelligence.., in extremis.   Computer connections with millions of other interrelated connections globally and off-Earth situated.., which cannot be turned off, or even controlled effectively.., certainly not in real time.., often seem to reflect a willingness of humans to rely to a very large extent on this forum for decision making.  In many ways, this type of technology is slowly.., perhaps even rapidly, comparatively speaking.., usurping, both individually and collectively, human reasoning capacities, whether biotechnologically or without technological assistance.  Will this lead to cyberorder or will it result in a cyberanarchy in space that in fact obstructs the potential of a unique cybercorporation designed to facilitate the “escape velocity” of humankind space migration for species-kind survival purposes?

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