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Traffic Management and Business Performance: A White Paper

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This radical idea was put to the test in the town of Oudehaske in Holland. All control signs; traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures were removed. The division between road and footpath were deliberately blurred. And the results have been spectacular. Average car speeds dropped over 20%, yet journey times through the town were shortened. There was an 80% reduction in the number of traffic and pedestrian incidents.

Rather than trying to manage and control the psychology of the human being behind the wheel, Monderman recognised and used the positive aspects of human psychology to transform behaviour, which in turn transformed performance and results.

Across Europe, the Oudehaske experiment is being repeated with similar success. The Kensington High Street project is being extended to include Exhibition Road and its environs.

Why should this be of any interest to business leaders? Is there a metaphor in this phenomenon that has relevance to the business world?

The focus and intent of traffic managers is to improve performance (how people behave) and results (better flow and fewer accidents). Transform performance (behaviour) and results follow.  Their abiding philosophy has been that you need command and control people to get the behaviour and results you want. Much the same as many business managers.

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One Comment

  1. Natraj Vaddadi

    September 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    This is interesting and confirms some of my thoughts. I always found that driving especially at intersections was safer (not quicker) when the traffic signals were switched off especially on in the night time when not much traffic is present.


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