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Traffic Management and Business Performance: A White Paper

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But just as the problems of safe and effective driving have been transformed by placing the responsibility on those who actually drive (rather than the controllers), so the issues and challenges in business are best resolved by those who have to implement (rather than their managers).

Just as traffic managers had to “think differently”, so it is for business managers.

If we made relationship the priority, what would such an organisation look like? How would we organise our decision-making and problem solving? How do we ensure that people who are dependent on each other actually behave in a way that demonstrates that inter-dependency?

Maybe these are the questions we need to be asking in the modern corporation.

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Table of Contents

High Performance Human Workplace [Dominique Guilini]

Avalon and Glastonbury: The Merlin Factor [Charles Smith]

God is in the Neurons: Can We Rewire our Brains? [Athene]

What Would Homo Systemicus Do? [Barry Oshry]

To Flicker or Swing: The Fire and Pendulum of Leadership [William Bergquist and Agnes Mura]




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One Comment

  1. Natraj Vaddadi

    September 6, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    This is interesting and confirms some of my thoughts. I always found that driving especially at intersections was safer (not quicker) when the traffic signals were switched off especially on in the night time when not much traffic is present.


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