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Coordinated Coaching Increases Trust within Organizations; Accountability as a Trust-Building Framework

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Group coaching and consulting is not a new concept, but there is a hybrid that is now being utilized with great success. It includes the individual attention of 1:1 coaching paired with layers of group and team coaching within a system that synchronizes them across both the horizontals and verticals of your organization for maximum results in an accelerated timeframe.

Team Coach: From a practical perspective, this blended approach gains considerable leverage. Some subjects can be addressed in groups because they are most effective in group formats (for example, group norms, some conversations about trust, etc.) or because they are most efficient (in other words, having 1:1 conversations doesn’t add significant impact (for example, some teaching of principles, conversations about common questions). Then individuals can opt to address subjects in more depth and specific context if it serves them to gain support for applying ideas in particularly challenging situations. When done well, it can be like building a foundation faster and better. While pouring the foundation, the blended approach simultaneously strengthens individual pillars. The organization and the individuals all gain strength together.

Case Study of Company X

Due to nondisclosure agreements, I cannot divulge the name of one organization we recently had the privilege to work with, so I will refer to it as Company X. Three years ago a representative of Company X approached us about coaching the executives in their top three tiers of leadership. This issue was that there was a breakdown of trust and communication within the company, and the executive level wanted help with accountability and engagement amongst the workforce. There was a massive, enterprise-wide project that needed multiple levels of management to work together to produce results, and there was an obvious disconnect occurring between and amongst key leaders, which was negatively impacting the whole project.

In the article The Enemies of Trust, authors Robert Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau (Harvard Business Review) break trust down into three components:

* Strategic: Employees trust those in charge to set the right course

* Personal: People trust managers to treat them fairly and put employees’ and the company’s needs ahead of their own.

* Organizational: Employees view the company’s processes as fair and consistent.

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