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Coordinated Coaching Increases Trust within Organizations; Accountability as a Trust-Building Framework

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Providing individual coaching to select executives would only scratch the surface of the trust issue within the organization. This was a systemic problem that involved all levels of management, and impacted accountability, collaboration, and effective communication. In order to elicit real change, we needed to provide coaching on multiple levels at once.

It would not have been cost effective for the organization to provide private coaching for everyone, so we developed a strategy that both addressed their need for coaching at all levels of management while still providing some more individual contact for those executives and managers that needed it.

The LEAP Solution

We created the Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP) which is a tiered coaching program that provides coordinated, customized group and team and executive coaching solution for the top three tiers of leadership within the organization.

Each group had one or more dedicated coaches working with them.

* 6 C-level executive/ senior-most decision-makers (1 coach)

* 15 Director-level senior leaders (1 coach)

* 44 Team Leaders (2 coaches the first year was expanded to 5 coaches the second)

In addition to the coaches that met directly with the leaders, there was a coach that provided remote 1:1 coaching over the telephone. This provided participants a means to talk through issues away from the group in a more personal one on one interaction. The coaches that met directly with the leaders did so in a group setting, and upon request, when needed, provided some one on one coaching. This gave the executives many options to match their comfort level.

As the CEO, I served multiple roles, as the relationship and account manager, the coordination coach who was in direct contact with the company’s point of contact about progress, and a bigger role as a project manager, coordinating meetings between the coaches to be able to strategize between tiers. Since I was never directly involved with the participants, like the coaches, I was able to remain objective and provide support and coaching to the coaches, coordinating our strategic efforts across the three tiers of leadership on behalf of the organization.

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