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Coordinated Coaching Increases Trust within Organizations; Accountability as a Trust-Building Framework

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The LEAP program was in place for two years in Company X. Each year showed substantial progress for all of the tiers, so much so, a third year is being considered. The coaches working with the company are all master coaches, because a certain level of coordination, skill and experience is needed to make this type of group coaching venture a success.

Senior C-Suite Team

During our engagement with Company X, the master coach assigned to the upper level executive team helped shift the team from being a group of separate individual leaders operating in separate silos to being an effective, aligned, accountable, collaborative and transparent leadership team.

There was obvious tension between team members and with the other tiers below them. They had difficulty being forthcoming or honest with one another during meetings. There was little or no trust. They were used to being managed in a 1:1 setting (i.e., in their silos). There was a strong obvious commitment to become more of a team but no declared aligned purpose.


  • The group now functions as a working team that handles crises and breakdowns together.
  • The executives were able to have very frank and tough discussions in the team setting.
  • The executives were able to take on changing the culture of the company as a priority and took on more accountability to engage the organization to participate and lead the management priorities.
  • They listened to each other more and are able to think and create together.
  • They have an aligned commitment to become better leaders and transform their organization.
  • They were able to see their progress and were committed to continue it.
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