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“Going against the current” in life means that we are willing to question and challenge what we know, and evaluate whether our current life represents what we truly want for ourselves. This questioning process alone takes much courage as it will likely ignite emotions that may be less than pleasant. Fear, doubt, and confusion will ensue and this often discourages many because as human beings, we like predictability as it gives us a sense of safety and security. If we feel that we are settling for less for ourselves and for our lives, “change” is called for.

“Going against the current” indicates that we are willing to reject belief systems and behaviors that do not promote our personal well-being and true values. When we begin this process, we will, like the salmon fish, confront numerous challenges. Our journey can make others who are afraid to embark on their own quest towards self-discovery uncomfortable. They may attempt to get in our way. These individuals can often be those closest to us; therefore, we must be cautious not to allow the fears, beliefs, and limitations of others to become our own. The journey upstream is not easy; if it were, it would not possess the life-changing qualities that it has. In order for true change to take place, we must be worn down so that we can let go of the superficial things that occupy our thoughts and daily lives and focus on the important experiences in life that will help us build strength and gain experience. Without struggles and hardships, we would likely float through life, unmotivated to make any changes because things would be easy and predictable; our needs would be met and we would have no reason to pursue change or self-improvement. The reason we experience joy and happiness is because we strive to take the trip upstream in order to enjoy better things that await us.

If we want to be like the salmon fish and take the path that we know will be difficult, we must have the courage to say to ourselves that we deserve more and that we want more than the life we are currently leading. We want to find our own answers to what are the true purpose and meaning in life that is, to fearlessly follow our inner desire to live genuinely and follow our calling to develop and grow into our best self.

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