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when time stood still, and then, went on

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Moving to Africa at thirteen was a great adventure and despite three high schools in the same year I knew this was a special place; something lingered in my soul, emitting little radar signals barely sensed, hardly known, but there.

Later, as a young army officer in the King’s African Rifles I was in charge of a platoon of thirty men, all locally recruited from Nyasaland ( now Malawi ), who spoke little or no English.  It was my job to learn Chinyanja.  The more I learned, the more I got to know these wonderful, highly humorous, hard working soldiers, and developed a love that has never diminished throughout my life and causes me to return from America frequently; a calling, tapping into my primordial being, knowing that I and everyone else emanated from there, long, long ago.

I think of my dear friend Overton who worked with me forty-two years ago in the jungles of Johannesburg, and now lives retired, back in his village near Mzimba, Malawi.  He lives in a mud hut with no running water, electricity, gas or garbage disposal, happy with his cows.  I live in the center of technology, trains, planes, automobiles, internet and drones, constantly changing  technology…, racing toward what?

I think of some of the powerful insights I have had over the years, especially when I seemed beaten down, at the end of my tether, when my ego gave up and I felt I could go on no more. The powerful voice of my sacred self came through, bringing instant clarity, even if I didn’t know how.

I have often lurched from insight to insight.  Once, when I consulted a psychic, was told of two things that would come to pass, and they did.  Not insignificant, trivial things, but major, life-changing things that caused me to move countries.

As I enter a more reclusive era of my life I ponder, is this all foretold?

Am I truly the captain of my soul?



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  1. Susan Gibson

    November 17, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    You have always lived a purpose driven life. I remember your friendship and encouragement on a cold Outward Bound adventure in 1982 near Thunder Bay Ontario like it was yesterday.

    Lives driven by values are lit by light. While we may stand back we watch and salute those who carry civil society forward.


  2. Susan Gibson

    November 18, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Well Rob. I am glad to see you are still a serious and contemplative man. Its been 36 years since we huddled in a cold winter night on an Outward Bound adventure in Ontario’s north.

    Youve coached and written a book. Ive run a foundation for protected areas. Both happily agents of change.


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