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Old Coaches Never Die, They Just Fade Away

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I’m an executive coach. I’ve coached priests,  ministers, rabbis, true believers, executives, fools, women, men, children, adolescents,  girls, psychologists , bad marriages, people who want another job,  scientists, workers, middle managers, angry people, Jewish people, Christians,  Muslims, Hindus , white people, black people, oriental people, handsome people, homely people, joyous people, depressed people, people speaking different languages, people in mental hospitals, indigenous people, short people, churches, synagogues, pastors, tall people,  happy people, democrats, republicans, atheists, confused people, educated people, uneducated people, stupid people, and smart people.

In college, I started looking for an ultimate point of view from which everything would make sense,  from my upsetting family, to alienating kids in high school, to why I didn’t understand math ….all would come clear, a god that made sense and would lead me to a coherent life ,

I spent years looking for such a god contemplating every religion, philosophy and practice I trusted for more than a week. Finally, someone said that what anybody deeply believes is simply a self-created sacred simulation of God according to their particular point of view, what should be true, and what right and wrong should look like.

For a while, it appealed to me that God is universal consciousness, total awareness, now and everywhere and always …but there was no purpose to any of it at all.

So, fifty years ago, I became a coach and then helped many people and companies but never made peace with a universal framework for reality.

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  1. Rey Carr

    August 19, 2020 at 9:54 am

    What a great article with an outstanding, amazing, simple, complex, astounding, awe-inspiring, wonderful, insightful inspirational and intelligent conclusion. You’re not the only one who can use a thesaurus. Thanks, Charles, for making my day more enjoyable, entertaining, liberating, and educational.


  2. Avatar photo

    Suzi Pomerantz

    August 27, 2020 at 11:38 am

    I concur with your observation, Charlie…she is nuts!


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